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PJC News!

The California Air Resources Board & Northern California Breathmobile


OAKLAND, CA - 3/17/2022, The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is funding the Breathmobile site for pediatric asthma management in Vallejo City and the rest of lower Solano County ($750,000).

The Breathmobile has been operating since 2009 in Alameda, West Contra Costa and East Contra Costa counties. It has seen over 3,000 children and has saved over $17,500,000 in emergency room visits, hospitalizations and school absents.

This new site is much more complex than the earlier sites. Air pollution is a major factor in the air increasing in asthma both children and adults. The project will rely on local organizations as partners including Fresh Air Vallejo, the Tuoro University Medical school, Kaiser, Seibra Health Foundation, California Wellness, to name a few.

Northern California Breathmobile Update

OAKLAND, CA - California Breathing of the State's Public Health Department gave the Breathmobile program $9,500 for a Vendor Contract to serve families of asthmatic children in Contra Costa County. Some of the funds were used to purchase protective gear and cleaning materials to protect the staff and the families from COVID-19. Families will be able to learn about cleaning protocols and use of protective equipment.

Pre Preschool on Zoom!


OAKLAND, CA - The PJC PrePreschool program is operating remotely! We have 30 minute Zoom classes Tuesday at 10am and 11am, Wednesday in Spanish at 10:15am and Music class on Thursdays at 10am. We are also have monthly activity bags for current participating families and we are offering weekly food pick up, diapers and wipes, facemasks and books to any family that is interested. If you would like more information, you can also contact Amy at 510-393-5266.

Spotlight - Francisco "Paco" Galvez


PITTSBURG, CA - Francisco "Paco" Galvez, known by his friends and family as "Paco" is the driver of the ECCC Breathmobile (BM). Prescott-Joseph Center (PJC) began the ECCC BM program in March 2018. His position serves as driver, family advocate, and interpreter. In addition to doing the intake on families bringing their children with asthma to be seen on the van, he also does community outreach at community events and schools or community centers.

Paco is a multi-skilled person. He is a musician, a drummer, a great cook, and an artist. In August 2018, the BM program had a Thank You party for Congresswoman Barbara Lee, where Paco volunteered his Barbequed Shrimp dish for the guests. It was a winner!

One of Paco's former jobs was managing a paint store. He's very knowledgeable about paint and is an excellent painter. Currently, because the COVID-19 virus has stopped the BM school visits, Paco has utilized his spare time painting the interior and exterior of the building which PJC calls home. The small amount of outside work he has done so far has been enough to trigger requests for him to organize painting the entire exterior of the house.

We are very fortunate to have Paco as a great driver and family advocate and a man of great talent.


East Contra Costa Breathmobile Update

HGT22219 (5).JPG

PITTSBURG, CA - The ECC Breathmobile team got off to a rousing start in February 2019. We conducted 55 clinics before we were forced to halt operations due to COVID-19. Before stopping our clinics, we were effective in keeping patients out of the emergency room, from being hospitalized, and keeping them in the classrooms. As shown in the data below, we estimate that we saved over $453,000 in medical costs during this time.

Following the Stay at Home orders, our team began virtual clinics. Staff members performed telephone wellness checks with our patients to check on their health status, to make sure they had their prescriptions, or connect them with one of our physicians, if needed. Several families took advantage of our services and were able to speak to a physician and receive prescriptions for medication refills. It was exciting to know that no child had to go to the ER or were hospitalized during the Stay at Home shutdown.

Medical experts are now counseling patients to receive their flu vaccines now more than ever. The ECC Breathmobile team is preparing to provide Flu Shot clinics this year. And, once COVID-19 vaccinations are developed and have been proven to be safe, effective, and accessible, we plan to bring our asthma clinics back to our community in January or February 2021, following strict safety protocols. 

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